Not simply a manufacturer of gloves, but a collective with a focus on R&D, that takes a scientific approach to producing the most comfortable performance-oriented gloves, especially through extensive research and study of the anatomy of the human hand.

Designs customized for your position

Basic Hand Position

Catch the ball with nothing but air

In its most comfortable, relaxed state, this is how your hand should fit in your glove. Every hand is a little different, so take a minute to find the position that feels right for you.


Thumb to Index (or Middle) Finger

As an infielder, you care about agility and control to keep the baseball moving around the diamond. When you close your glove, your thumb should meet your index finger, or possibly your middle finger


Thumb to Middle Finger

When you're on the mound, you need comfort and simplicity to help you throw a great game every time you get the ball. Your best bet is to close your glove with your thumb and middle finger together


Thumb to Ring (or Little) Finger

As an outfielder, you want your glove to catch anything and everything you can track down out there, so be sure to close your glove with your thumb meeting either your ring finger or your little finger

Focused on making the glove feel as natural as possible as if my own hand were catching a ball.

How to Love Your Glove 🐮


How should baseball gloves be broken in?

  • Place two balls side by side in the pocket and secure them with straps.
  • After two days, release the straps. The pocket will be formed, and the shape will be well-defined.

* We recommend handling the glove regularly and engaging in frequent catch sessions whenever you can.


What should be applied for baseball glove oil treatment?

  • Approximately a month after purchasing the glove, applying a small amount of oil is recommended.
  • If possible use glove oil, but using petroleum jelly is also acceptable, although it may cause slight discoloration.
  • Please be aware that excessive or frequent oil treatment can increase the glove's weight and make the leather saggy.


How should baseball gloves be stored?

  • Like all genuine leather products, we recommend storing them in a dry and well-ventilated area.
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.
  • After each use, lightly clean it with a soft cloth to remove any moisture and/or foreign substances before storage.

Stability when it matters.

The Pro-1 pattern allows the entire hand from fingers to palm for the comfortable grasp of the pocket. Knowing that preserving the feeling of the entire hand wrapping around the ball alleviating the problem of the palm face protruding upwards and eliminating the pocket which caused the ball more difficult to catch in grasping motion.

Your experience with Pro-1 pattern will let you see and feel the difference while maximizing your chances of handling any ball that comes your way.

Made in-house, in-hand

100% Hand-crafted

Hyōgo 兵庫 Leather

Seto Tannery

Seto Tannery is located in Hyogo Prefecture(兵庫県), Japan, known for being one of the best leather tanning regions in the world. This 3rd-generation, family-owned company specifically known for the best baseball glove leather, producing a limited quantity of leather of the highest quality [each season], a considerable amount of time and money is required to secure Seto Tannery as a supplier.

Nakasaki Tannery

Buckler selects pro stock leather from the top 5% of available US Steerhide, which is then processed by the Nakasaki Tannery with a focus on less weight and smooth texture. These models are for high-level players who need the best performance when it comes to transitions and exchanges during play.

Nakasaki Tannery, known for being as the largest baseball leather supplier in the world, is capable of producing leathers with different features which allows for custom-manufactured gloves in various options.

Premium US Made

Texas Steerhide

Texas Steerhide processed by the Seto Tannery located in Hyōgo-ken, Japan, known for the best baseball glove leather tannery in the world. The tanning process includes double vacuum drying of hides which increases the density of leather, resulting in a tight, smooth grain texture with ultra-durability.

Javan Steerhide

Premium Java Steerhide

Premium Java Steerhide which has gone through the Tumble-Tanning process. A glove specific process that tans the leather in a high, narrow rotating drum for a prolonged period, this tanning technique softens the leather without diminishing texture or durability.

Authentic Calf Leather

Kip Leather

Due to the tropical climate of the island, the pores of Javan calves are denser, smaller, and more consistent than those of cattle raised in different regions. As a result, the leather is thinner, lighter, and more rigid-- perfect for baseball gloves.  Java kip is also widely used to manufacture shoes by top luxury brands.

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