The Fame Pro

Unmatched Quality

The Fame series embodies the spirit of legendary Greek heroes like Achilles and Hercules. These heroes were celebrated for their extraordinary skills and achievements, much like how the Fame series represents the pinnacle of craftsmanship and performance in baseball gloves. Just as these heroes were remembered for centuries, the Fame series is designed to leave a lasting impression on the field.

The Fame series sets itself apart with its use of 100% Premium Texas Steerhide, a material renowned for its exceptional durability and ability to mold perfectly to a player's hand over time. Unlike our other gloves, the Fame series undergoes a specialized tanning process, under direct supervision of our master glovemaker Inwan Han.

This enhances its flexibility and creates a glove that feels like an extension of the player's hand. The luxurious texture, combined with reinforced stitching and a custom-fit design, ensures optimal comfort and control, making it a top choice for professional players seeking unmatched quality and performance.

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